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Do you need travel insurance to visit Aruba?

With most booking venues today, you're given the opportunity to purchase travel insurance before finalizing your order. It makes sense – travel is like an investment, and the returns from it are the memories you make and your experiences you have during the trip. But is travel insurance worth the additional cost?

Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and there are many surprises that could cause you to lose your investment - from the serious, like an injury, to the mundane, like jury duty or a workplace emergency. Problems that cause you to cut your trip short can also arise, such as lost luggage, transportation delays, or a medical emergency.

Depending on your itinerary, there could be a lot at stake in the form of non-refundable deposits. Fortunately, travel insurance is relatively inexpensive. Depending on your vacation plans and insurance provider, travel insurance usually costs 4-10% of your trip cost. If you decide that your trip is worth the protection provided by travel insurance make sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Buy travel insurance as soon as possible – since the price is based on the "value" of your trip, the cost of policy won't decrease if you wait. You may also become ineligible for certain types of coverage if you buy insurance at the last minute.
  • Keep a copy of your policy on your person or in your carryon luggage - you can buy coverage to reimburse you for lost baggage, but the claims process will take longer if the copy of your policy was lost with it.
  • If you travel frequently, consider choosing an insurer that can provide you with an annual policy.

For guests of Amsterdam Manor, travel insurance may be less necessary. We believe people should take vacations to escape worries, not create new ones. That's why we offer our "Worry-Free Guarantee"". If you need to cancel your trip last minute due to unforeseen circumstances (up to 7 days prior to your arrival date), we will waive all cancellation fees. Restrictions apply for certain holidays and group bookings, which you can see on our room pricing page. If these restrictions apply to you, you may want to get travel insurance.

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