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Wedding Requirements

In January 2002, it became possible for couples without Aruban or Dutch nationality to have their civil ceremony at Aruba's Town Hall located in Oranjestad, only a few minutes’ drive from our resort.


Aruba's Town Hall is open for civil ceremonies Monday to Friday and upon request on Saturday morning for an additional charge.


Copies of the following documents are necessary and have to be faxed or emailed to our wedding coordinator at least 8 weeks before the wedding date:


  1. Two copies of a completed Letter of Intent to Marry, 1 by the bride and 1 by the groom.
  2. Original Birth Certificates of both with a Raised Seal (if applicable).
  3. Negative Statement of Marriage forboth (declaration to prove both are single/ unmarried).
  4. Copy of a valid passport for bride and groom (min. 18 years of age).
  5. Copy of a valid passport for the two witnesses (min. 18 years of age). If you don’t bring your own witnesses, they can be assigned for you at the Town Hall for a small fee.


If divorced or widowed:

  1. Official Divorce Decree of previous spouse(s), if divorced
  2. Official Death Certificate(s) of previous spouse(s), if widowed


Please note:

  1. Documents 2, 3, 6 and 7 (in English, Dutch or Spanish) must be furnished with an Apostille-Seal from the Bureau of Vital Statistics (USA), or the Department of Foreign Affairs, or the Dutch Embassy (for Peru, Dominican Republic and Haiti), to state authenticity.
  2. After the Civil Wedding has taken place, the Wedding Certificate will be translated, then sealed for the couple to take to register in the country of their residence/citizenship.
  3. Religious ceremonies can be performed only if the couple has a signed Marriage Certificate from their home country or when legally married at Aruba's Town Hall.


If you have any questions about the requirements for getting married in Aruba, please contact our wedding coordinator.


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Honeymoon Suite Bedroom Decor

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