Keeping yourself entertained at home during Covid-19

Fofoti trees

COVID-19 has hit the entire world and all countries are taking their own precautions in order to deal with this pandemic. As you may know Aruba is no exception and as we just passed the 2 week mark of the first confirmed cases we are now at 46 confirmed cases and a list of Government measures in order to flatten the curve and come out on the other side of this pandemic as safely as possible. Borders were closed for inbound travel of visitors and residents alike and for the very first time in over 60 years the island feels empty.

Obviously we agree that something had to be done in order to keep ourselves and those around us safe but this new reality feels surreal and can be difficult to fully understand at times. This is why we need to take some measures of our own to keep ourselves safe, sane and entertained.

The most popular, and vital, of these measures are; stay home, wash your hands and stay healthy. Though these practices may seem like second nature for some, there are people who feel lost between it all. Using the same useful tips on how to entertain yourself while visiting Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, we hope you are able to entertain yourself at home while practicing social distancing.

Reading books. As the expression says, reading is fundamental. Whether a suspenseful one by David Baldacci, a romantic one by Jane Austen or a political satire by George Orwell, books are always a great way for you to brush up on your imagination at your own pace. These are also the same assortment of books available at the 24-hour self-service library located at the Amsterdam Manor Front-Desk, which you will be able to borrow, leave and take anyone of these multilingual books at your own discretion once you are able to visit us again. The best parts, there are no librarians to shush you when you talk out loud and there is no charge if you accidentally take them home with you.

24-hour self-service library

Cooking. This is the best time to challenge your cooking skills in the kitchen. Not everyone can cook home-made meals like mom, dad or their grandparents can but let’s assume that everyone can boil water. A simple pasta dish like a vegan pasta with tomato sauce, fresh garlic, zucchini, mushroom, parsley and asparagus is enough to get you through this crisis, plus it is healthy. In case it doesn’t come out like the Veggies Gluten-Free Pasta dish at Mangos, you can order that next time you are visiting us. If you are able to come out as a better cook out of this crisis you can make use of those cooking skills in any of the 6 room categories at the Amsterdam Manor as all the rooms come with either a fully equipped kitchenette or kitchen. Once your neighbors smell your cooking, you will most certainly be the talk of the town.

Reconnecting. Reconnecting with friends and loved ones has never been so important. Whether it be through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn or through a more direct contact like with WhatsApp, FaceTime and good ol’ fashion phone-calls. Once you are back with us make sure you remain connected to those that matter to you through our reliable 24-hour free WiFi so you don’t miss out on any quality time.

Beach time. Okay, this one might be a bit tricky to apply while being at home and maintaining social distance but until you are back here with us, you can enjoy the view of our beach through our webcam. Just imagine the soft breeze through your hair and the sun on your skin. We know it’s not the same but it definitely helps.

Live view from our webcam

Until you can visit us again, practice these tips and stay safe!