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Things to Do in Aruba

Attractions and Activities Near Amsterdam Manor

There are always relaxing and thrilling things to do in Aruba, and our calendar of events compiles them together to help you plan your next trip around the many exciting Aruba attractions coming up in the next few months. With concerts, festivals, and seasonal traditions, there's no shortage of notable events on our tropical island.

Dia di Betico

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Dia di Betico

From Saturday, January 25, 2020 January 25, 2020 Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba

Aruba pays tribute to its greatest statesman on his birthday on January 25th by celebrating the national holiday called "Betico Croes Day".

The late Gilberto Francois “Betico” Croes (January 25, 1938 - November 25, 1986), a charismatic political activist and former school teacher, helped Aruba obtain its “Status Aparte” (separate status) within the Dutch Kingdom, which eventually occurred in 1986. From then on Aruba became an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

This official national holiday celebration in Aruba features various sporting events, an island-wide event Harley Davidson bike tour, culinary festivals, folkloric shows and popular games throughout the island.

Keep in mind:
As Betico Croes Day is an official Aruban holiday, you can expect shops, gasoline stations, supermarkets to close early or stay closed the entire day.

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