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Things to Do in Aruba

Attractions and Activities Near Amsterdam Manor

There are always relaxing and thrilling things to do in Aruba, and our calendar of events compiles them together to help you plan your next trip around the many exciting Aruba attractions coming up in the next few months. With concerts, festivals, and seasonal traditions, there's no shortage of notable events on our tropical island.

National Anthem and Flag Day

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National Anthem and Flag Day

From Wednesday, March 18, 2020 March 18, 2020 Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba

A strong sense of pride is displayed each year as Arubans celebrate their Flag and Anthem Day. On March 18, 1948, the Aruban politician Shon A. Eman presented the first formal proposal for Aruba's separation from the Netherlands Antilles. In 1976, twenty-eight years later to the day, political leader Betico Croes declared the first Flag & Anthem Day. Arubans are especially proud of their beautiful anthem, "Aruba Dushi Tera," a waltz composed by three of Aruba's celebrated artists: Juan Chabaya “Padu” Lampe, Rufo Wever, and Hubert Booi. A special work of art can be appreciated at Plaza Padu located at downtown Oranjestad which is dedicated to the composers of the anthem.

This patriotic holiday is celebrated with a scout parade, a classic car parade, sporting events, many cultural events showcasing gastronomy of Aruba, and games throughout the island for kids and adults.

Keep in mind:
As the National Anthem and Flag Day is an official Aruban holiday, you can expect shops, gasoline stations, and supermarkets to close early or stay closed the entire day.