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Stay in the know on the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort and Aruba.

The perfect Caribbean proposal for your Valentine in Aruba

Picking the perfect place to propose to your partner is an important decision, and it can be a tricky one. This is probably going to be the most important question you ask in your life, so you want everything to be exactly right.


Many couples choose to make their proposal special with a trip abroad, and it is hard to think of a better and more romantic destination than the Caribbean. Served by the very best cruise ships and boasting the prettiest beaches, gorgeous scenery, and stunning climate, a Caribbean trip is a great start when planning your proposal.

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Time for new memories.

People and businesses around the world are working on regaining their strength from everything that happened over the past year. For us at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, this was not the exception.

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Love is in the air...and it is not only for lovers.

Passions on the Beach has a passion for romance and this Valentine’s Day is no different. Passions asked its Facebook fans to share a loving memory that they have with either their significant other, their best friend, a sibling or parent. All participants were encouraged to tag their person, tag Passions on the Beach, like the post and share it on their personal Facebook wall.

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Passion For Pink' campaign

Passions on the Beach has teamed up with the Mary Joan Foundation Aruba during October Breast Cancer Awareness month.

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‘What the Manor would you do?’ campaign

What would you do with an extra three days of vacation?

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The New “Normal”

Covid-19 has drastically changed how we exists in this world, from how are travel, how we run our errands, clean our homes, etc.

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Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort lends a helping hand to Cas Sjabururi

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is a firm believer of paying it forward, especially to those who need a bit more tender love and care.

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'I Miss You!' campaign

You may not be at the Amsterdam Manor but you are not forgotten. Take part in the 'I Miss You' campaign.

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The Gold Rush in Aruba

Nowadays, tourism is our island’s major source of income, however before efforts were directed to this industry in the 1940s, our island had other sources of income.

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About the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

Our property, with its unique Dutch Colonial appearance, has been owned and managed by the Dutch family Van Schaijk and it is located at one of Aruba’s most beautiful beaches on Aruba, namely Eagle Beach.

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Aruba: One Happy Island

People come to Aruba for the same reason they go anywhere else in the Caribbean, right? Sun, Sea, Sand? Yes and no.

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