Sasarawichi Dunes by the California Lighthouse

A family walking on the sand near Amsterdam Manor Resort

Rolling, white sand dunes accent a landscape typified by the subtle textures and gentle shades of green and brown that compose Aruba's desert-like environs with its trademark images of cacti and aloe.

The unexpected site of massive sand dunes often intrigues visitors touring the northeast coast. Please help us keep these dunes pristine and clean. It is not permitted to drive on the sand dunes, but they can be explored on foot.

Sasarawichi dunes at Hudishibana, by the Califoria lighthouse, popularly named for the offshore wreck of the famous ship 'California', lies at the isolated northwestern tip of the island featuring some of the most spectacular scenery, with expansive sand dunes sitting in the view of the old stone lighthouse and a spectacular rock-hewn coastline.

Arikok National Park is home to the pristine sand dunes of Boca Prins.

California Sand Dunes, Noord, Aruba Noord Aruba