Love is in the air...and it is not only for lovers.

Passions on the Beach has a passion for romance and this Valentine’s Day is no different. Passions asked its Facebook fans to share a loving memory that they have with either their significant other, their best friend, a sibling or parent. All participants were encouraged to tag their person, tag Passions on the Beach, like the post and share it on their personal Facebook wall.

There are three (3) prizes to be won and all are from the newly created ‘Dushi‘ menus: ‘Bon Dia Dushi’, ‘Bon Tardi Dushi‘ and ‘Bon Nochi Dushi‘. As you may or may not know, the word ‘Dushi’ comes from the local language Papiamento. ‘Dushi’ has many meanings including sweetheart, sweet, dear and delicious.

  • The ‘Bon Dia Dushi’ menu includes a complimentary mimosa or rossini cocktail, a healthy strawberry parfait with Greek yogurt, granola and fresh strawberries. A filling spinach and mushroom omelette, hash brown and heart-shaped toast are also part of the experience.
  • The ‘Bon Tardi Dushi’ serves two persons and includes a complimentary Passion Mojito and a platter for two which includes one beef slider, one chicken slider, two shrimp tacos with Pico de Gallo, sweet potatoes and dip. The perfect dish for sharing.
  • The ‘Bon Nochi Dushi’ serves two persons and includes a complimentary sparkling wine and one bottle of red or white wine. The menu itself consists of three courses. Starting with the Cupid’s Salad of spinach, avocado, strawberry and apple. For the entrée, you have the Duo D’Amour. It comes with lobster thermidor and carved beef tenderloin, asparagus and red beet mashed potato. For dessert, chocolate lava cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Three (3) lucky fans won one (1) of these menus with their heartfelt stories which they can experience either on Saturday February 13th or Sunday February 14th. Congratulations to all and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Vanessa H. Arteta wrote…

Passions on the Beach My love Will Pardo we have been for each other since the day we met. My best memory was the first valentine’s gift he gave me. He was looking for a job, he had no money. I was not expecting anything, but that 14th of february he was not home and suddenly 1 hour after he came home and said this words to me.
” I know today I dont have or can not give you what you deserve, but I was not coming home without a gift for you and I know someday I would give you everything to make you happy. I give you this pink rose and this small wine to make you smile Happy valentine’s day love you.

Ms. Genesis Au Riera wrote…

this with my Boy! Pepesapo Felipe I had an accident few months ago and he was always with me at hospital! Giving me all the support that i needed! Passions on the Beach

Ms. Marilyn Maduro wrote…

My brother always supports me in everything i do. One of my fav memory with my brother Patrick Maduro is when i decided to run a marathon and he joined me on the run and was there for support! He always has my back! Passions on the Beach