Aerail view of hotel exterior and amenities at Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba

Aruba: A Haven of Delight

Full of Life!

Explore Aruba with ease from our Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort where you will find a place to experience and explore the beauty of the island.

Aerial view of Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba & the sea near Passions on the Beach

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

Discover the essence of a truly unique stay on the pristine shores of Aruba's Eagle Beach, often recognized as the beach in the Caribbean. At Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, we offer not only luxurious accommodations but also the warmest and most welcoming service you'll ever experience. 

Sign of The Butterfly Farm Aruba with beach in the background near Passions on the Beach

The Butterfly Farm Aruba N.V.

Imagine walking through a lush tropical rainforest Surrounded with flowers and trees, ponds, and a trickling waterfall, with butterflies flying in their natural paradise.

Landscape view of the sea on a sunny day near Passions on the Beach

Baby Beach Off-Road Safari

Experience the unparalleled natural beauty of Aruba on a thrilling jeep tour with local guides, venturing off the beaten path to discover hidden treasures, from the rugged north shore to the stunning Baby Beach (Ages 4+).

Underwater view of fish in Aruba Atlantis Submarine Tour near Passions on the Beach

Aruba Atlantis Submarine Tour

Of Aruba's turquoise waters, embark on a ride in the world's largest passenger submarine, fully air-conditioned and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for your safety and peace of mind, with a depth capacity of over 140 feet (Ages 4+).

Illustration of Aruba sailing & snorkeling cruise near Passions on the Beach

Aruba Sailing & Snorkeling Cruise

For a journey beneath the surface Cruise along the crystal-clear waters of Aruba, enjoying balmy tropical breezes, Caribbean cocktails, and an open bar, complete with snacks, music, and National Geographic snorkeling equipment.

Mother & daughter petting a donkey in the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary near Passions on the Beach

Visit the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Visit a sanctuary where donkeys, a cherished part of Aruba's culture for 500 years, await with their affectionate and gentle nature. Enjoy a private 30+ minute hugging and petting session with these friendly and loving donkeys (All ages).

Man feeding in the Aruba's Ostrich Farm near Passions on the Beach

Meet the Animals at Aruba's Ostrich Farm

Gain insights into the ostrich's remarkable speed, along with its mating, rearing, feeding habits, and defensive mechanisms against predators. Take the opportunity to hand-feed these sociable creatures.

Aerial view of a lush green river in Bubali Bird Sanctuary near Passions on the Beach

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Watch over 80 species of migratory birds from the Bubali watchtower, overlooking their resting and breeding area.

Aerial view of California Lighthouse standing tall near Passions on the Beach

California Lighthouse

Visit the old stone California lighthouse, a silent watchman in the area known as "Hudishibana," near the island's northwestern tip.

Family enjoying in the Sasarawichi Dunes near Passions on the Beach

Sasarawichi Dunes

Explore the massive sand dunes that accent Aruba's landscape with their rolling white sands. These unexpected dunes intrigue visitors touring the northeast coast, offering unique views of the California lighthouse and a spectacular rock-hewn coastline.

Exterior view of National Archeological Museum Aruba near Passions on the Beach

National Archeological Museum Aruba

The National Archaeological Museum Aruba offers a captivating journey through the island's rich history and pre-Columbian heritage.

Aruba wall murals to take pictures near Passions on the Beach

San Nicolas - The Sunrise City

Aruba Art Fair brings together artists from around the world and local talents who have left their marks on the walls and buildings surrounding San Nicolas' Main Street.

Top view of jeeps parked by the Bushiribana Ruins near Passions on the Beach

Off-Road Jeep Tour and Snorkeling

Discover Aruba's natural beauty like never before on an exhilarating jeep tour led by a Expert local guide local guide.

People on a Off-Road Adventure near Passions on the Beach

Andicuri UTV Off-Road Adventure

Join De Palm Tours for the exhilarating Andicuri UTV Off-Road Adventure, where you can discover the wild beauty of Aruba on a thrilling ride.

Sunset cruise Aruba experience near Passions on the Beach

Sunset Cruise Aruba

Sail along Aruba's stunning beaches and shoreline aboard luxurious custom-built catamarans from the Pelican fleet, manned by a professional and fun-loving crew.